Warlock Guide

Welcome to the Dark Side – The Warlock Darkness is upon us

hearthstone warlock guide
In this guide, we provide you jump-start your Warlock deck. We show you how you can effectively use the Warlock. But before we get started you should take a look at the basic cards however overview.

As a Warlock, you play the infamous ORC named Gul’dan. This was one of the most powerful sorcerer of Draenor, before he lost his life on Azeroth. His demons, but also self-destructive effects bring mostly low cost play central roles in the Warlock deck. The skilful Warlock tries always to have enough cards in hand, because it opens up more possibilities in the game.

Different as these effeminate Mage flinch a Warlock not before indirect spells and suicidal magic! The Warlock is a very offensive hero, who often recklessly sacrifices his life to win. Like any other class, you will receive special cards, which are available for your class is available only every two levels even when the Warlock. The warlock rush deck is one of the cheapest viable decks you can build, if you are looking to create a more control oriented warlock deck you should keep in mind that you will need many more valuable cards. If you wish to create a good control deck start by reading the best ways to get free gold in Hearthstone.

When leveling up, you will receive following cards:

Level 2 2 x corruption
Level 4: 2 x worldly fears
Level 6: 2 x soul fire
Level 8: 2 x victims Pact
Level 10: 2 x horror infernal
So that you always have enough hand cards available, you can the hero ability use bloodletting, but be careful! Any use you’ll have it a part of your life force.

Deck proposal for beginners

When you stand at the beginning, it is usually to advise the option to select “Propose map”. This way you can make quickly a deck you, till you’re soon even experienced enough for this activity.

The Mana-curve of the Warlock is very constant mid game. Let them but not confuse you. You have enough magic and servant which you can play at the beginning, so you have some kind of advantage on the playing field from the front in. You’re also ideally equipped for the remainder of the game.


Until you have reached level 10, you should meet the unlockable Starter deck for practice games. As soon as you found in the game, to level 10 in the flight time. It is recommended, to practice on the AI opponents. These there are standard and professional (Professional only after you have unlocked all characters) in the degree of difficulty. In the following you can see what a starter Warlock deck might look like:
2 x soul fire
1 x corruption
2 x worldly fears
2 x Voidwalker
1 x Goblin Geomant
2 x blue gills Warrior
1 x Frost Wolf grunt
2 x succubus
2 x blood suckers
1 x shadow bolt
2 x blood elf cleric
2 x Eisenpelzgrizzly
2 x RAID leader
2. x Hellfire
1 x Dunkelschuppenheilering
1 x Goblinw├Ąchter
1 x Gurubashiberserker
1 x champion of Stormwind
2 x horror infernal


As a Warlock it is your card advantage over your opponents your top Prioorit├Ąt reconnection. This bewerksteligt use her with the intense of bloodletting. Your horror infernal and the succubus help you at an early aggressive start in the game. The Voidwalker protects your life for only 1 Mana due to its mocking ability and his 3 life points.

The deck contains also some cards that let you throw a random card from the hand, to name a few, the succubus – and hell-fire maps are here. When their always plays one of these cards, you should you be sure that you’ve already played all the other useful cards from your hand. Ideally, is your hand apart from one of the mentioned cards blank.

How to play

As soon as the game begins, it is to establish a defense. Your Voidwalker is the ideal candidate for this job. Always bear in mind that your enemy also has magic, with which he can roast your servants. Playing so not just any servant to play out will, but trying to plan something in advance. Starts with E.g the Voidwalker, wait for what the enemy plays. The enemy plays as a servant with two lives, it first sets the Kobold Geomant and uses secular fears. Your spell damage more thanks to the geomancer, slay the enemy minions and you can’t draw even a card. Directly attacking the life points of your foes at the end. This would be an example of a good start.

In the course of the game, numerous skills available, which you can use to destroy the hostile servants (E.g. by shadow bolt), are you to your large minions, to pave the way as the horror infernal. The aforementioned beast is also extremely useful against decks that rely on many servers with only one life. Playing the warlock in the arena is a completely different task, if you wanna learn how to master this class in the arena check the new arena strategy guide for deck building and gameplay.